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Euro 2000
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Euro 2000
Roi Baudouin (Bruxelles)
28 juin 2000
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  1. Lukittaz lundi 07 décembre 2020 15h27


  2. dimanche 06 septembre 2020 09h02


  3. SajidA829 dimanche 07 juin 2020 11h37

    They had a bit of refereeing mistakes here hhhhhhh

  4. Susie jeudi 07 mai 2020 16h53

    Thank you for putting this game up online. I only ever watched the first half live and then had to go to work so for almost 20 years now, Ive wanted to see the lead up to the infamous handball. I think its appalling that such a crucial match was decided on an official's call. It didnt look like Xavier deliberately tried to manipulate the ball, his arm was just there. Deliberate handball would be France qualifying against Ireland at the last WC and Henry literally putting the ball in the net with his hand but of course, officials never see these kinds of things because its France. Such a shame. I know Nuno Gomes got the red card and was banned from playing for months but the video doesnt show why. I dont understand German but do they say in the commentary? I feel bad for players like Conceicao. He really played well. Nice to see him coaching FC Porto nowadays. And Paulo Bento coaching the S. Korean national team. Bless.

  5. risaralda maraya vendredi 16 août 2019 15h51

    No se porque protestaron tanto los portugueses, la mano es clarísima y por tanto penalti. Esta es una prueba del mal perder que tienen algunos.

  6. Altai vendredi 28 juin 2019 01h28

    Great match

  7. maarcelooalexandre lundi 03 juin 2019 00h34

    A partir de hoje virei espectador assíduo de seu site!! Parabéns

  8. Footballia
    Footballia mardi 04 juin 2019 01h34

    Muito obrigado!

  9. maarcelooalexandre dimanche 02 juin 2019 22h47

    Obrigado por postar esses jogos antigos incriveis.

  10. Footballia
    Footballia dimanche 02 juin 2019 23h41

    Muito obrigado, muito amável!

  11. Redos vendredi 08 mars 2019 10h14

    Can't we get english audio???

  12. Footballia
    Footballia vendredi 08 mars 2019 11h14

    This is the inly copy we have.

  13. alfredomartin98 lundi 04 juin 2018 07h37

    Si alguien tiene la retransmisión de TVE, que me la pase